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Let Us Help You or Your Loved One on the Journey of Sobriety

Our Mission: Helping men reshape their lives, and healing families from the disease of addiction.

Recovery is a Process & We Want to Help

Recovery from addiction is a process and getting out of treatment is the hardest part of the journey. You must learn a new way of life and need guidance on that path.

Amenities at Journey House

  • Direct TV and Wifi
  • Computer for the residents
  • Resume building
  • Guest Speakers
  • Monthly Outings
  • Help with obtaining government assistance
  • Fellowship BBQ’s and sober fun
  • Luxury Hotel Quality Pillow top
  • On site Laundry Room
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Guidance regarding lingering legal issues
  • Assistance with obtaining sponsor
  • Assistance with gainful employment

Support & Guidance

You've had a difficult road on the journey of addiction. Now that you're able to see the light at the end of the tunnel you need support and guidance to help you stay true to your path. 

Different than Other Recovery Residences

We have a live in house manager and our owner helps residents get acclimated to the environment around them. Whether it is taking them to meetings, to look for work, helping with resumes, providing much needed structure that addicts and alcoholics need in early recovery. We want to make sure you or your loved one maintains sobriety with us and continues to maintain that sobriety when completing our program.

About the People Who Live at Journey House

Journey House is not a halfway house. None of the people who live here are forced by any institution to reside here. Journey House is a home where like minded individuals go with the goal of making their lives better. Residents of journey house pay rent like they would at any other living community. They must abide by stricter rules than they would at any apartment complex. 

Each Journey House resident is extensively screened and vetted by management. People allowed to live here want to be in a sober living environment to better their lives, work on themselves and be better for their friends and loved ones.

A house manager lives on-site and provides supervision and guidance to all residents of Journey House.

Journey House Rules

The management at the Journey House is very proud of the home that we all live in.  We expect every person who dwells in our home to treat it with the utmost respect and care.

The Journey House is considered a homeowner in Tanglewood Terrace neighborhood.  It is of the utmost importance that we respect our neighbors and the development.  It is a privilege to live here and we expect each tenant to present themselves in a friendly, respectful, and neighborly manner when coming and going in our neighborhood or when communicating with our neighbors.  Any reports of misconduct by our tenants by a neighbor will be taken very seriously, investigated fully, and could mean termination of the lease or implementations of a fine from $50 - $100 to a tenant at Journey House.  Please be kind and respectful of all others.  Any misconduct directed toward a tenant at Journey House from neighbors will be dealt with accordingly and within the guidelines of the law as well. 

  • There will be NO loitering in the front yard, carport, driveway or on the street outside of the front of the home
  • There will be no parking allowed in the yard/grass or in the street in front of the home by residents.  All cars must be parked under the carport or in the driveway.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Background checks may apply and will be done at the discretion of management.

If you are accepted to live at Journey House you must follow these rules and guidelines at all times.

Live in a safe, clean environment
on your sober living journey.

Live with a group of individuals who are on the same journey as you and surround yourself with positivity in a supportive, clean environment with people who care about your ultimate goal: sober living & self sufficiency.


108 Ophelia
Lafayette, LA 70508

About Journey House

Journey House is a sober living community located in Lafayette, LA. Our mission is to help men reshape their lives and help to heal families from the disease of addiction.

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